Additional Information
Dog and Child Safety
Rescue Dog Expenses
Average Medical Cost of a HEALTHY Rescue Dog
Do not expect a dog to tolerate
children's bad behavior!
Ear Pulling, Tail Pulling, Smacking,
Sitting On, Squeezing, Hovering Over,
Getting in the Dog's Face, Etc.
This does not apply to all dogs and children, of course, but please be cautious with your animals and children.  Please do not leave children, especially small children, alone with your fur baby just to be on the safe side.
Spay or Neuter
DA2PP Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
Bordetella Vaccination
Heartworm Test
Heartworm Vaccination
Implant & Register Microchip
$160 - $200
$357 - $397
Other Expenses Not Included Above
Bathing, flea treatment, grooming, dental care (if needed), deworming (if needed), illness or medication(s), training, transportation costs, food and treats.